Lean Kanban Central Europe 2015 
Munich 16th - 17th November

Welcome back to Munich!

After five years Lean Kanban Central Europe will come back to where it all started in 2011, celebrating the 5th LKCE anniversary. We are happy to welcome you in Munich on the 16th and 17th of November 2015. 


More than 35 speakers from all over the world will give you great insights into the world of Lean and Kanban including topics about Leadership, Learning, DevOps, Kanban and Strategy. Join our three Keynotes by best-seller author Noreena Hertz, talking about how to make decisions in a complex world,

Lean Kanban Inc. CEO David Anderson, presenting Enterprise Services Planning and retired US Air Force colonel Chet Richards who collaborated with the late American strategist, John R. Boyd, for over 20 years.


Like the last years we offer interesting Tutorials with David Anderson, Chet Richards and Daniel Vacanti, following the conference. And, don't worry, of course the famous LKCE Social Event in our great Location "Paulaner am Nockherberg".


We are really looking forward to seeing you all in Munich! 


Noreena Hertz LKCE15
Noreena Hertz

How to make decisions in a complex world

We make 10,000 decisions a day. 277 just about food. But whilst it doesn’t matter really if you choose a cappuccino over a latte when it comes to high stakes decisions – at home or at work – the choices you make really do matter.

Join Noreena Hertz' Keynote on decision-making strategies and learn concrete steps on how to become a wiser decision maker.

David Anderson LKCE15
David Anderson

Enterprise Service Planning - Scaling the Benefits of Kanban

David Anderson will talk about Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)the new future of management for professional services businesses. Your business is an ecosystem of complex interdependent services. The new strategy for surviving in the fast moving, rapidly changing 21st Century is to create a business that this continually "fit for purpose" by installing an organizational capability for evolutionary change and adaptation.

Chet Richards LKCE15
Chet Richards

All by ourselves

Sometimes, people who have developed a high level of skill in lean and agile techniques move into management positions and want to apply these philosophies to the larger organization. They often ask: “Which leadership style is best for lean development and operations?” - Get the five key organizational elements from Chet Richards.


Board member Arne Roock asked Chet about Strategy, John Boyd, the OODA Loop, his engagement in the Lean/Kanban community an Yoga. Check out his thoughts in the full length interview.


Following the conference we will offer three in-depth tutorials, attendeees of the conference get a 15% discount on any tutorial.

Daniel Vacanti LKCE15
Daniel Vacanti

Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability


“When will it be done?”  “How many items will I

get in the next release?” 

Those are some of the first questions that your customers will ask you once you start work for them.  This one-day tutorial will provide you with the tools you need to answer those questions predictably.


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Chet Richards LKCE15
Chet Richards

The Strategy of Lean

Your kanban is lean and your software is agile. Great! Now what? How do you build an organization that can use these capabilities to win in the marketplace?

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David Anderson LKCE15
David Anderson

Enterprise Services Planning

The ESP management training program uses Kanban and a full range of complementary techniques to foster a more predictable and fit-for-purpose organization. In this 3-day tutorial you will learn about Portfolio Management.


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More than 35 speakers from all over the world will give you great insights into the world of Lean and Kanban including topics about Leadership, Learning, DevOps and Strategy.

Learn from experts about their hands-on experiences and engage with practitioners from pioneering companies.


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