The Team behind the Scenes

Anna Lorenz

Anna is living the agile values for several years. Her work as an Agile Coach brings her into most interesting transformation projects. Here, she helps her customers implement Scrum and Kanban tools and incorporate the focus on peoples needs into the corporate culture. Organizing the LKCE conference is a matter of the heart to her.

Christian Klamann

Christian Klamann started early 2014 in the Moneypenny-Team at it-agile. It was the first contact to agile world after working in classic organizations. The result: totally hooked!

Lean / Agile administration is his daily bread and therefore, organizing Lean Kanban Central Europe is the ultimate playground!  

Claudia Reitenbach

Claudia Reitenbach works as an Agile Coach at it-agile in Hamburg, Germany. After having worked several years in classical project management roles in the oil industry Claudia got infected with the agile and lean virus and has been an addict ever since. Today, she coaches and trains teams of all sizes in Kanban and Scrum practices and methods. She is enthusiastic about creating a fun and playful work environment and believes that Personal Kanban Boards are the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Wolfgang Wiedenroth

Wolfgang Wiedenroth is working as a Accredited Kanban Trainer (by LKU) and Kanban Coaching Professional for Lean and Kanban at it-agile in Germany. He trained and coached Kanban in different contexts, such as IT Operations, Agencies Software Development and international Enterprises. He runs the Blog and co-founded the Limited WIP Society Munich.


Twitter: @wwiedenroth