The Strategy of Lean

Chet Richards - The Strategy of Lean
Chet Richards

1-day training on November, 18th with Chet Richards.


Your kanban is lean and your software is agile. Great! Now what? How do you build an organization that can use these capabilities to win in the marketplace? 


One answer to this question comes from the military, where it is not that unusual for the best equipped or largest army to lose to smaller or lower tech opponents. It’s pretty common in our world, too, where yesterday’s tech power house is tomorrow’s fading memory. Beginning in the early 1970s, an iconoclastic US Air Force fighter pilot rolled out a series of studies that proclaimed the answer to be “agility,” and that the way to achieve agility was exemplified by his mantra “People, ideas, and hardware — in that order!” The 2002 best selling biography, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War introduced John Boyd (1927 - 1997) to the general public.


“People, ideas, and hardware” applies to practically any organization. “Agility” does also, but in its strategic sense of improving your organization’s competitive power, it means more than “flexible” or “fast.” Boyd’s suggestions drew on his experiences as a fighter pilot augmented by a sweeping review of military history and inquiries into science, mathematics, and technology. Ultimately, as he came to realize, the roots extend back 2,500 years and not just to Sun Tzu.

John Boyd's OODA Loop

I will introduce Boyd in the keynote address, but I’ll only have time to scratch the surface in that talk. Intrigued by Boyd’s strategies but not sure what to do next? This workshop will introduce you to implementation, beginning with Boyd’s presentation cycle, A Discourse on Winning and Losing, that grew out of his defense briefings. We’ll also look into one of the most successful transformations in modern history, the United States Marine Corps’ adoption of maneuver warfare. Boyd was heavily involved in this effort, and in fact, the Boyd Library now resides at Marine Corps University in Quantico, Virginia. We’ll also talk about recent implementations in the world of business. This workshop will be interactive, so bring your ideas and experiences.

Certain to Win - Chet Richards

Participants will get more out of the session if they have read Certain to Win and have at least perused the Discourse, available at (includes all the Boyd material on that page, except New Conception for Air-to-Air Combat). If you have the time, Robert Coram’s Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War is a study of ordeal and triumph, although not in the way Boyd originally imagined, written by a talented journalist.


In the course of this workshop, we’ll dive into a large number of charts from the Discourse. One of the benefits of this workshop will be your ability to draw ideas and inspiration from one of the best known military briefings of all time.


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