Keynotes and 20 by 20

david anderson

chet richards

20 by 20

Leadership-Track and Mainstage

Benjamin Mitchell

Common Communication Failures when implementing Lean and Kanban

Jim Benson

I say "Limit WiP" you say, "Seriously?"

Matthias Skarin and

Eik Thyrsted Brandsgård

Learnings from SAFe @ LEGO

Pawel Brodzinski

The Game Changer: Autonomy

Katherine Kirk

Taming Ego & Politics: Leadership in a Continuous Culture

Markus Andrezak

One Size does not fit all


Florian Eisenberg

Flow Kanban Essentials

Irina Dhambazova

Kanban Tales by the Campfire

Patrick Steyaert

Using Kanban systems to enable innovation and change

Janice Linden-Reed

Building an Information Flow

Ian Carroll

Kanban's Geological Record

Daniel Vacanti

Actionable Metrics for Predictability

Jose Casal

Kanbanising the Scottish Government

Wolfgang Wiedenroth

Information is key - Kanban is information


Karl Scotland

Turn your Organisation into a Laboratory with Strategy Deployment

Eric Jan-Kaak

Business is tough, but it's even tougher when you are stupid

Ken Power

Making sense of organization impediments: managing complexity for organization effectiveness

Erik Schön

Ways of Working in the #NetworkedSociety - Strategy Experiments at Ericsson 3G

DevOps/Kanban for IT-Track

Dominica DeGrandis

How Kanban helps Operations teams become more Predictable 

Em Campbell-Pretty

The Magic Carpet Ride: A Business Perspective on DevOps

Paul Reed

DevOps' Killer App: Visibility

Chris Young

Kanban, DevOps, Design Thinking and BDD for great good

Sabine Bernecker-Bendixen

Debugging your communication for more success and efficiency in DevOps


Wendy Robinson

Using Communities of Practice to strengthen Manager Learning and Developement

Håkan Forss

Expermentation is King

Marian Willeke

Cultivating the Learning Mindset

Eike-Marie Eiting

Moving Desks to facilitate the in-house cultural dialogue at Jimdo

Arne Roock

A Salary Experiment